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What is Child Travel Insurance?

What Does Kids Travel Insurance Cover?

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What to pay attention when choosing an insurance program

Choosing an insurance program for a tourist trip, the traveler should take into account its peculiarities. Specialists advise paying special attention to the following points.

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Travel Insurance for Kids

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Benefits of Travel Insurance For Children

Traveling with children can be both exciting and unpredictable. That’s why it’s essential to ensure their safety and well-being wherever your adventures take you. With our child travel insurance policies, you can travel with confidence, knowing that your little ones are protected against unforeseen circumstances.

Here are some key benefits of our child travel insurance:

  • Financial Protection for Medical Emergencies: Children are susceptible to illnesses and accidents, even on vacation. Travel insurance for children can cover medical expenses incurred during the trip, including hospital visits, doctor consultations, medications, and even emergency medical evacuation. This helps you avoid the stress of hefty medical bills in a foreign country.
  • Safeguards Against Trip Disruptions: Unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, natural disasters, or even your own illness can force you to cancel or interrupt your trip. Child travel insurance can reimburse you for non-refundable expenses like flights, tours, and activities booked specifically for your child, mitigating the financial blow of such situations.
  • Protection for Lost or Damaged Belongings: Children can easily lose or damage their luggage. Travel insurance can compensate you for the cost of replacing essential items in your child’s lost or damaged luggage, ensuring they have the things they need throughout the trip.
  • Security in Case of Accidents: While unlikely, accidents can happen. In the unfortunate event of an accidental death or dismemberment of your child while traveling, child travel insurance can offer a financial payout to help you cope with the loss.
  • Optional Coverages for Additional Peace of Mind: Some travel insurance policies offer optional add-ons that can further protect your child.

Type of Children’s Travel Insurance

Choosing the appropriate travel insurance policy is crucial for international travel. There are numerous insurance alternatives to consider, such as:

Single Trip Insurance

Our single trip travel insurance is ideal for children under 18 traveling alone. These policies cover trips of up to 90 days within any 180-day period, with no minimum age requirement. This ensures protection regardless of when they plan to travel.

Family Travel Insurance

If your child is journeying with family members, opting for our family travel insurance policies could be a convenient solution, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your loved ones under one easily managed policy.

Annual Multi Trip Insurance

Our annual multi-trip travel insurance is available, but individuals under 18 must travel with at least one adult aged 18 or over and with the consent of an insured parent or guardian. This option is ideal for families traveling frequently within a 12-month period and usually offers cost savings.

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Good to know when you travel

Good to Know

Yes, travel insurance for children is highly recommended, especially when traveling internationally. It provides financial protection against various risks such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage, ensuring that children are covered in case of unforeseen circumstances.

You can conveniently purchase travel insurance for children under 18 on our website.. We provide options such as Single Trip, Multi-Trip, Backpacker, and Family travel coverage.

Yes, our single trip and backpacker policies allow children to travel without being accompanied by an adult. However, the policy must be purchased by an adult on behalf of the traveling child.

Several factors can impact the cost of travel insurance for children. These include:

  • Age of the Child: Younger children may have lower insurance premiums compared to older children due to typically lower risk factors.
  • Destination: The location of the trip can affect insurance costs. Traveling to regions with higher healthcare expenses or increased risks may result in higher premiums.
  • Trip Duration: Longer trips often result in higher insurance premiums due to the extended coverage period.
  • Coverage Limits: The extent of coverage, such as medical coverage limits and coverage for trip cancellation or interruption, can affect the cost of insurance.
  • Additional Coverage Options: Opting for additional coverage options, such as coverage for adventure activities or sports, may increase the insurance premium.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: If the child has pre-existing medical conditions, the insurance premium may be higher to account for potential medical expenses related to those conditions.

By considering these factors, parents can better understand the cost of travel insurance for their children and choose a policy that provides adequate coverage at an affordable price.

In most cases, travel insurance for children is not required for school trips or extracurricular activities. Schools and activity organizers typically won’t mandate individual travel insurance for children participating in these trips. They might have their own basic liability insurance covering certain unforeseen circumstances.
However, it’s always best to check with the school or organizer regarding their specific policies and any potential insurance they might have in place.
In some instances, especially for international trips or those involving high-risk activities, schools or organizers might recommend or even require participants to have travel insurance.
This is to ensure students are financially protected against potential medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage.