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Select travel insurance with comprehensive Covid coverage for a worry-free journey. Travel confidently knowing you’re safeguarded throughout your trip, making your safety our priority.

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What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

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What to pay attention to when choosing an insurance program

Choosing an insurance program for a tourist trip, the traveler should take into account its peculiarities. Specialists advise paying special attention to the following points.

Amount of coverage

Policy cost

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Cheapest Travel Insurance with Covid Cover

Types of Travel Insurance with Covid 19 Cover

Different kinds of travel insurance policies with Covid-19 coverage are accessible to suit the nature of your trips and the number of travels you intend to cover. These policies can be customized to meet your particular coverage needs.

Single Trip Travel Insurance with Covid Cover

Single trip policies provide coverage for vacations lasting up to three months in one place.

Long Stay Family Travel Insurance with Covid Cover

Extended-stay policies offer coverage for trips up to 18 months and may include multiple destinations during one journey.

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance with Covid Cover

Multi-trip travel insurance offers coverage for all vacations undertaken within a span of 12 months.

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Managers will advise you on the terms and conditions of the tourist insurance program you are interested in. You can apply for travel insurance and receive the policy online.


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Good to Know

Travel insurance coverage is available regardless of your vaccination status, but it’s crucial to review entry requirements for your destination. If denied entry due to vaccination status, your insurer might not provide coverage.

Travel insurance typically includes coverage for various pre-existing medical conditions, yet it’s probable that this inclusion will raise the cost due to the perceived higher risk of potential claims.

If you receive a COVID-19 diagnosis before returning home, prioritize seeking necessary medical care first. Inform your insurer immediately if you fall ill, and they will guide you on available options.

Your travel insurance should cover eligible medical expenses, barring any disregard for government travel advisories. Additionally, you might be able to claim for extra costs resulting from an extended stay, such as accommodations for other members of your group.

If placed under quarantine abroad, you may be eligible to claim out-of-pocket expenses. Many insurers are honoring claims for emergency medical treatment and repatriation associated with COVID-19, but it’s always wise to confirm with your insurer.

Travel Insurance policy includes Covid coverage, yet the extent of this coverage may vary among policies. If you test positive before your departure, leading to trip cancellation, most policies will provide compensation, but it’s crucial to review your policy’s terms and conditions. Some policies offer enhanced Covid coverage as an optional add-on for greater protection.

The cost of travel insurance with Covid cover varies based on factors like your age, existing medical conditions, trip duration, destination.