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What does Over 60s Travel Insurance cover?

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What to pay attention to when choosing travel insurance for over 60s

Choosing an insurance program for a tourist trip, the traveler should take into account its peculiarities. Specialists advise paying special attention to the following points.

Amount of coverage

Policy cost

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Travel Insurance for seniors over 60 years with pre-existing medical condition

How much will over 60s Travel Insurance cost?

Although our policies don’t impose an upper age limit, the pricing will be influenced by several factors. These include your age, prior medical history, the level of coverage you select, and the destination of your travel.

What elements impact the pricing of Travel Insurance for individuals over 60?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: The premium for your policy may fluctuate based on your medical background. It’s crucial to accurately disclose your conditions when purchasing Travel Insurance and verify that the information remains current before your trip.
  • Destination: Due to higher medical expenses or elevated risk levels in certain countries, your premium might rise if you choose to visit these destinations.
  • Additional coverage, such as for specific activities like winter sports
  • The type of policy you choose: The selected level of coverage during the purchase of your Travel Insurance impacts the associated cost.
  • The duration of your trip: The probability of filing a claim increases with the length of your trip.

Over 60s Travel Insurance

When traveling internationally, it’s essential to select the most suitable policy that fits your requirements. Various insurance options are available, including:

Single Trip Insurance

Preparing for a holiday? Selecting single-trip insurance guarantees coverage throughout your entire trip, ceasing upon your return. Typically, it covers for a duration of up to 31 days.

Long Stay Travel Insurance

Looking for extensive liberty in global travel? Choose a long-stay policy, crafted to provide coverage for trips exceeding one month and usually extending up to 18 months.

Annual Travel Insurance

Considering multiple journeys this year? Annual multi trip policies secure coverage for several vacations throughout a year, often at a more cost-effective rate than a single-trip plan..

Over 60s Cheapest Travel Insurance

Begin worry-free travels with our specialized senior-friendly travel insurance. Our coverage guarantees peace of mind without age limitations and includes provisions for pre-existing medical conditions. Purchase your policy effortlessly online from the comfort of your home, ensuring a convenient process with just a few clicks.

Choose from our selection of three comprehensive plans, customized to accommodate various budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for affordable options or premium coverage, we have choices to cater to every requirement.

Experience extensive coverage, encompassing single trips of up to 94 days, inclusive protection for various pre-existing medical conditions, and high limits for cancellation and emergency medical expenses.

Our insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for essential items like lost documents, baggage, medications, and medical aids, ensuring convenience throughout your entire trip.

Travel seamlessly with companions! Our policies allow you to incorporate your travel partners under the same coverage, fostering shared experiences and mutual protection.

Don’t let age restrict your adventures. Choose our travel insurance tailored for seniors and enjoy every moment of your journey with confidence. Easily secure your coverage online today and unlock a myriad of possibilities. Please take a moment to review the terms and conditions.

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Good to Know

While the Over 60 holiday insurance offers coverage during your 60s, our policies have no maximum age limit. You can travel with us at any age using our Seniors Travel Insurance.

Over 60s have the option to purchase an Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy. This type of policy allows for multiple trips to be taken throughout the year.

You can choose the countries you wish your travel insurance to cover. However, please note that not all destinations will be part of the coverage. Each insurance provider has its own list of excluded countries.

It’s crucial to disclose all pre-existing conditions on your medical travel insurance policy to prevent substantial medical expenses if you require treatment abroad. Failing to declare any pre-existing medical conditions could impact the legitimacy of your policy when making a claim.